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upside down behavior

Last Sunday I shared this amazing and moving news story. As a former high school coach and extremely competitive person, the out of the box thinking of one Texas football coach along with his players and fans — was humbling to me.  It’s a beautiful illustration of how the Christian church should be – always seeking to love, encourage, help and serve people in outrageous upside down ways – especially the discouraged, lonely, imprisoned, poor, marginalized and forgotten.   If you missed it – here it is….


Enough said!



New sport needed

Last week an inordinate number of people shared with me how “busy, tired and stressed out” they were feeling. While I listened to them complain, a part of me winced with compassion while at the same time a not so sympathetic side of me didn’t really want to hear it. Why? Because for the most part, we choose the hectic lifestyles we live. People in the burbs love to tell you how totally exhausted they are but then fall apart or get upset when you agree saying, “Yeah, you do look pretty wiped out.” Forget trying to suggest they cut back on what they’re doing because all you get in return is a defense of why cutting back is not an option. Truth is — I’m as guilty of this as anybody. But what I’ve come to realize is that much of my busy, hurry up, stress inducing and exhausting lifestyle is my own choice.

A recent Stanford University study involving zebrafish underscored the importance of rest by showing how sleep and the body’s circadian clock affect the number of neuron-to-neuron connections in a particular region of the brain. The findings could help researchers better understand why we need to rest and how, exactly, sleep is restorative. Do I need Stanford or the zebrafish to tell me this? Hasn’t the God who created me given permission, in fact, commanded me to get some rest -and to make a whole day of it?

Perhaps we tired Americans need a new sport competition [see news report below] or maybe we just need to listen to God and make some healthy changes to our lives or maybe we just need to stop complaining for what is the result of our own choices.


Winning on the south side

Ten straight WINS.  Game and a half out of first.  That’s what I’m talking about!  GO SOX.


good wise leadership

Ok…so Blackhawks hysteria continues here in the Chicago area. But why not? The Hawks have indeed made an incredible turn-around over the past three years. Did you know that in 2004 ESPN named the Blackhawks the worst franchise in professional sports? Today they are more popular than every before not to mention Stanley Cup champions. What changed? Leadership.
Over four decades Bill Wirtz served as both owner and team president of the Hawks. He stubbornly forbid Hawks home games to be shown on TV unless picked up by national broadcasters. He was convinced if people watched games on TV they would not come to the stadium. The result – the fan base diminished and the Hawks became a non-player in Chicago sports. But in 2007, following the death of Bill, the reins of the organization were passed on to his son William “Rocky” Wirtz. He quickly decided to put the team on TV, boosted the roster by adding two young exciting players and well….the rest is NHL history as they say.
Here’s my point – this story illustrates the difference between poor stubborn foolish inflexible leadership that will not listen to reason and/or think outside the box it has created for itself AND good wise adaptive leadership that realizes outside the box thinking is necessary for any organization that wants to expand, thrive and win.   Go HAWKS!


fairweather fan

Honestly, I don’t know very much about hockey and don’t normally watch it….but with Chicago in the Stanely Cup….all I can say is “Go Hawks!”
“Ice hockey is a form of disorderly conduct in which the score is kept.”


Baseball is here!

Hey Chicago…this is baseball at its best…GO SOX!!!



never imagined

Just like his sister at Northwestern, I learned today that my son Corey has been named a National Merit Scholar.  Both he and his sister have been recognized by their respective universities — Corey heads to Vanderbilt in the fall.  I never imagined any offspring of mine would/could achieve such a level of academic excellence.  Clearly they inherited their brains, good looks and hair from their mother.  We’re all still trying to figure out my contribution.  I’m sure it must be irresistible charm.

In September, the NCAA football season opens on week one with Northwestern vs Vanderbilt — the projected game results were debated over dinner recently – we have now moved into a new era of sibling rivalry.


got picks?

Have you made your picks? It’s a rule in my family – everyone has to fill out a bracket for the NCAA Tournament. My wife and daughter are beating my son and I in the first round. Not a good sign. [And a bit frustrating since my daughter often picks winners and losers based on mascots and colors.  Ex.  The Redbirds will get eaten by the Tigers or orange trumps pale blue]   Fortunately, my top picks are still in it.

In case you’re interested here are my Final Four:

                          Kansas vs Kansas State
                          West Virginia vs Duke

                                 Kansas vs Duke
                Kansas – 2010 National Champion

Do you got picks?


Not too happy

A new study came out this week about American happiness. Did you see it? The happiness ratings were based on a survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Ranking as the number 1 happiest state in America was Louisiana, home of Dixieland music and Canjun/Creole cooking – not to mention the 13-1 New Orleans Saints.
Unfortunately for us living in the Land of Lincoln, Illinois ranks 45th in terms of happiness. Why? Who knows for sure. I will say this — The Cubs, Sox, Bulls and Bears aren’t helping matters any.

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