Just got news

As always, there is apparently now a new way to get high. But it comes at a HUGE cost. Have you heard of “bath salts”? Here’s what you need to know.

illegal in Louisiana, North Carolina, Florida

Some in the US Congress are seeking a nationwide ban on a pair of recreational drugs being sold as “bath salts.” The plan is to introduce a bill that would outlaw the drugs mephedrone and MPDV [Methylenedioxypyrovalerone]. The substances, banned in the European Union and three US states, are widely available and are used as legal substitutes for cocaine, ecstasy, or amphetamines.

Why are we not hearing more about this stuff? These so called “bath salts” contain ingredient that are basically narcotics, and are being sold cheap to all comers, with no questions asked, at store counters around the country. The result is a serious and growing addiction and overdose problem among students and young adults.

a seized stash of Bath Salts

Be listening for word on this stuff [AKA] — White Rush, Cloud 9, Ivory Wave, Ocean, Charge Plus, White Lightening, Scarface, Hurricane Charlie, Red Dove, White Dove, Uncle Charlie.  Reported side effects of MDVP include: increased heart rate, nosebleeds, hallucinations, severe paranoia, seizures, and kidney failure and even death.

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