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Congressman Rangel charged with ethics violationsAfter only my second official day of vacation, I’m laying flat on my back which I somehow injured yesterday while busy working around the house. Back spasms are the worst. The doctor said to rest so that’s what I’m doing.
With a lot of time to do nothing, I’ve read the paper, listened to radio and watched television news. Wow – not a particularly encouraging and mood lifting endeavor.  It’s just constant reports of violence, thievery, liable, dishonesty, etc. I heard of how yet another one of our elected government officials is being charged with cheating and failure to pay taxes. Apparently, Congressman Charlie Rangel of NY who has helped write tax law, doesn’t necessarily see himself as being subject to it. But why is this or any of the other reports of moral and ethical failure matter?
Why are we charging and convicting politicians, top executives of financial institutions and/or average citizens for their relativism when for decades now we’ve been instructing our students in high schools, colleges, universities, including the Ivy League, that ultimately there are no moral absolutes. Why do we insist on passing judgment on people according to absolutes when as a culture we believe everything is relative and there are no absolutes? Is this not a fair question? I’m amazed and confused by our inconsistency — of how it is acceptable and trendy in our culture to ridicule and dismiss those who hold to absolutes, yet we quickly turn on anyone who lives by the implications of the denial of those same absolutes. Go figure.  OK, that’s enough –typing hurts my back.

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