two brothers, two views

Most of us have probably heard of atheist Christopher Hitchens’ book, God is not Great. It was helpful to read and understand the thinking of those in his camp of what has been termed ‘new atheism.’  Well, I’m about to read Peter Hitchens’ book which offers a completely opposite view from that of his brother Christopher. The Rage Against God is Peter’s description of his intellectual and spiritual journey from militant atheism to Christianity and why he argues that this brother’s verdict on God and religion is misguided. I’m wondering if Peter’s book will get as much press as Christopher’s? We’ll see if it deserves it…but talk about sibling rivalry – I wonder what family get-togethers are like with these two guys.

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  1. 1 Karen
    July 19, 2010 at 7:56 pm

    I read an interview with Peter Hitchens about debating his brother in Grand Rapids, MI, not long ago. Apparently, Peter’s conversion has actually been good for their relationship (historically, they have not got along well), but they have agreed not to further debate one another publicly–a wise move I think. If I can find it, I’ll send you the link.

    Reading your last post and this, I thought I’d also recommend to you a short book by David Bentley Hart entitled “The Doors of the Sea.” (I have two copies–if you want one, it’s yours.) It’s by far the most satisfying apology for a truly biblical response to evil/suffering I have ever read, demonstrating where both the new atheists and even many Christian would-be apologists go wrong in addressing this topic. I think its the only book I have highlighted and written notes in since college (and, as you know, that’s a long time!). He has also more recently written a longer book in critique of the new atheism which might also interest you. I’ve read reviews, but not the book itself, and, alas, do not have a copy to offer you.

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