I’m reading this book by Anneli Rufus – STUCK: Why we can’t [or won’t] move on.  She writes,  “I’m stuck. We say it in despair. In desperation. In denial. It becomes a punch line, an excuse. Well, hey: I’m stuck. We say it when we can’t move on. Or won’t. Or simply don’t. We say it about our jobs and relationships, our families and our habits and our homes. We call our stuckness by a thousand words, exquisite metaphors. I’m frozen. Paralyzed. Marooned. Trapped. Enslaved. We say: the world is passing me by. I’m stuck. We say so sadly. Angrily. Resentfully, Regretfully. In shame.”

As I was reading this I’m thinking – hey Rufus is on to something. A lot of people get stuck in life and either can’t, won’t or just don’t move on. The same thing can happen to churches. Churches get stuck – unable [unwilling] to move and grow forward. And the reality is this – either we’re moving or we are not. Either advancing or stuck.  So far…a fascinating read.

1 Response to “stuck?”

  1. 1 Thom
    April 15, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    This is interesting from so many angles, especially in regard to church. I wonder though how we define “moving forward”? And how that definition can influence our perception of growth and advancement – both in negative and positive ways.

    It may be a true statement to say that we are either moving or we are not. However, if we aren’t looking at movement somewhat organically and with honesty, we can completely miss the motion and think that we are standing still. If God is always at work then then things are always moving, even if we are unaware.

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