health care

what if I don't want to?

What do I think about the new healthcare bill?  Well, I have a lot of opinions about it. For one…throwing the baby out with the bathwater is rarely a good approach to “reforming” anything — especially something that isn’t completely broken. Why reinvent the entire wheel?   I agree with the need of reform but what’s so wrong with trying less expensive incremental restructuring and legalities? Anything worth doing is worth doing right and carefully. And if the government delivers healthcare the way it delivers the mail – well, you can draw your own conclusions. Do the words slow, inefficient and costly mean anything to you?  My biggest concern, however, has to do with freedom. If the government believes it has the right to intrude in our personal lives and dictate to us on matters of the most intimate nature like our health — how far a stretch is it to think they might do the same when it comes to matters of faith and religion?  To suggest such a thing may cause some to label me conspiratorial and/or paranoid.  Based on the events of the last week, I think it’s just being realistic.

“They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security” – Ben Franklin.

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