Who can tell?

Yesterday morning I watched a house in my neighborhood demolished. As I stood slilently in the street with members of the family who lived in it for a very long time, I was struck by the harsh reality of just how fragile life is. Within that home, love was expressed, laughs were heard, tears were shed, accomplishments celebrated, lives were shared. So much history – so many memories. In less then 15 minutes, the house was gone – I mean gone.
Life really is short. And the things in which we often place our security can be taken so quickly. Yet as a light flurry of snow fell on those of us watching the demolition, the family stood together. I realized that while their house was gone, they still had what mattered most — each other. It was a good reminder that within this fragile and brief length of time we call life, relationships are most important.

“Who can tell what a day may bring forth? Cause me, therefore, gracious God, to live every day as if it were to be my last, for I know not but that it may be such. Cause me to live now as I shall wish I had done when I come to die.”

                                                                -Thomas A Kempis

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