A black Friday possibility

Looking to a buy a Christmas gift for the woman in your life [mom, sis, wife, daughter, friend] who has everything? Here’s an option [because chances are she doesn’t have one of these]. How about buying her a very special necklace? What makes it so special? Well, it’s made of reindeer-dung. Yes, necklaces made with dried, sterilized and glitter-sprayed reindeer droppings are going on sale Friday at a zoo in Bloomington IL. in hopes of attracting holiday shoppers. There are also Christmas ornaments available made from the very same organic material.

But as a responsible American citizen today, one must ask…

embarassed reindeer jewlery provider

Have these pendants of poo been approved by the FDA?  Is there risk of further excrement decomposition resulting in some stinky gas being released into our already warming environment?  Are these free-range reindeer?  And what about exploitation – who is protecting their rights in all this? And who collects all these poo pellets – are they unionized? Do they have insurance [getting near the rear-end of an embarrased bull reindeer can’t be safe].  Is Springfield aware of this? Does Washington know about all the pooping and scooping going on here in IL?  Have there been congressional hearings on any of this? If the sale of these waste recycled holiday treasures takes off – why not tax the crap out of this industry to help pay for health care? 

I’m sorry – I can’t help myself.  I have so many questions and most of them stink.

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