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Nobel Peace Prize

As I’ve been thinking more and more about the Nobel Peace Prize our President recently won, I’ve become more confused.  I do not question the President’s desire for peace worldwide and any reasonable attempt he makes to encourage it is respectable as far as I’m concerned. However, shouldn’t the prize go to those who have taken significant steps to actually bring about resolution to some conflict? Syndicated Columnist Cal Thomas recently wrote an article that got me questioning the legitimacy of all this. In his opinion,

“The peace prize concept is flawed because the problem of war does not lie with those who would make peace, but with those who would make war. If the Nobel committee were realistic, it would stop handing out peace prizes and start issuing awards for those who have confronted evil and produced peace in nations that have known only oppression. Candidates for such prizes would include Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher ad Pope John Paul II, who conspired to liberate Europe from the totalitarian hand of Soviet communism. Bill Clinton would also be a legitimate candidate for his efforts that stabilized Bosnia. He could take some small credit for the peace in Northern Ireland, which though worked on for decades, was finally brokered on his watch. President Obama was right when he acknowledged that he doesn’t deserve the prize. Neither did Yasser Arafat, Henry Kissinger, Le Duc Tho or Al Gore. The question should be: Why, despite man’s best efforts, including the League of Nations and United Nations, have we been unsuccessful in eradicating war?”

War, hate, conflict and violence remain a sad reality of our global environment. To get an idea of how vast the problem, visit GlobalSecurity.org.

Christmas is rapidly approaching. During this holiday season, perhaps we need to consider this…if peace is so prized, why doesn’t it actually exist in our world? What or who is missing?

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