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While organized religion may be losing popularity among the masses, Primeval_-_introJesus apparently is not.  In a recently released public survey, 33% of polled Britons say Jesus Christ is the person they would most like to communicate with from beyond the grave. [FYI, Princess Diana came in second, Shakespeare third]

Intended to promote the third season release of ITV [Independent Television Authority] British sci-fi show Primeval on DVD, the survey surprised pollsters – how exactly the question relates to the show I’ve yet to figure out but I think it has to do with time travel.  One survey spokesman conceded, “These results show that Jesus Christ will always be the British public’s ‘Superstar.'”  I wonder how Americans would answer the same question – humm?

Journey's with the messiahJesus also showed up today in a Washington Times post by Julia Duin about a new Jesus book out called, “Journeys with the Messiah” by Michael Belk.  It’s a collection of photos of a Jesus with modern day Italians from all walks of life.  Belk told Duin, “I want people to see these images and say, ‘This isn’t about religion, it’s about life.’  The non-churched are frightened by anything that has ‘Jesus’ or ‘church’ connected with it.”

I’m not sure Belk is right about Jesus frightening anyone – but when it comes to ‘church’ that may be a different story.   You can see Belk’s project at thejourneysproject.com.

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  1. October 17, 2009 at 12:01 pm

    We have been coming to Parkview for the past several weeks. My children love it, they look forward to it every week. I feel welcome at your church. We have been raised Catholics and things were just not quite right there for us. See you Sunday.
    Tiana Belanger

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