no bull

It’s that time again when Pamplona Spain is packed with people from around the world who want to “run with the bulls” or more realistically “run away from” or be “run over by” the bulls.  Yes, we’re talking real big, one ton, horned, not interested in running with people, not of the Chicago variety type BULLS.

Monday [July 6], on the first day of the event, made famous by Ernest Hemmingway in The Sun Also Rises, the score in Pamplona, Spain was registered decisively Bulls 4 – Humans -0.  Fortunately no one including bulls were seriously injured although four people ended up in the hospital. News today, however, is not so good.  Sadly, a young 27 year old man was killed – this is a serious deal.

It all seems so ridiculous…yet, for whatever reason, this wild event fascinates me.  Why do it?  I guess it infuses thrill and excitement into what are essentially mundane lives.  As crazy as it sounds – I’d love to be in Pamplona to watch it all happen.  Of course I’d watch from a balcony well above the paved streets, the enraged bovines, and the frantic participants.

Thousands of people run with the bulls every year and apparently only 15 have died in the 85 year history of the event.  But isn’t 1 death enough to warn people against doing it?  

An ancient Proverb warns, “The way of the fool seems right to him, but a wise man listens to adivce.”   Here’s my advice – don’t run with the bulls.

If you’ve never seen it, here’s the video from Monday’s non-fatal opening day run.

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