Friday tragedy marks cultural avarice

ap_wal_mart_death_081201_mnFrom the reports coming out of Long Island, NY, ‘Black Friday’ [day after Thanksgiving] took a violent turn as over-zealous shoppers trampled a Walmart worker to death at 5am. The 34-year-old Queens man died after ‘hundreds’ of people broke down the doors and flooded the store. In addition to the one death, footage reveals that dozens more were also trampled and sustained some injury in the incident. ‘Black Friday’ marks the beginning of the holiday shopping period in the U.S. during which retailers are in the black (i.e., turning a profit). Due to the bleak economic times over the last few months, retailers are hoping to recoup lost profits – apparently even if it’s at loss of life.

Is it just me or has this insane behavior put an early damper on Christmas? Is this where consumerism has taken us – where in fear of not getting a big screen tv or some other electronic gadget – people trample others down? I find the whole thing disgustingly sad and pathetic. The thought of going out to shop for presents – at this point – is making my skin crawl.

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