What I’m reading

Last week someone asked me, “What books are you reading these days?” The answer may or may not interest you at all…it’s ok one way or the other. In case you want to know – here’s the list…

The Science of Fear by Daniel Gardner  science-of-fear_l2

Along the lines of Freakonomics and The Tipping Point, Gardner’s recent publication examines the issue of fear from a research and statistical perspective.  Long story short – we as Americans fear things we should not and fail to fear those we should.  Why?  You’ll have to read the book…however, on Sunday, Nov 23 I will share some information I’ve learned from Gardner and see how it applies to the idea of “peace.”

Slam by Nick Hornby [NY Times Bestseller]  slam

Why?  I don’t know.  I saw it on Boarder’s shelf and thought it would be interesting.  I was right.  Hornby tells the story of love, relationships and teen pregnancy from the unique perspective of a 17 year old male British skateboarder.  Sad, funny and incredibly insightful.

Merle’s Door by Ted Kerasote [National Bestseller]  merlesdoor

The story of a man and his dog.  Kerasote mixes narative with scientific research which makes for a very interesting read.   Downside?  I know the dog is going to die in the end.  Isn’t that how all dog books go?  That’s how the last dog book I read went.  That too is a good read [The Art of Racing in the Rain].

No Perfect People Allowed by John Burke       no-perfect1

A book about how the Christian church should be, must be and is called to be a “come as you are” culture.  It reasonates with me because PCC tends to reflect the kind of place Burke is writing about….for that I’m extremely grateful.


When You’re Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris  [Bestseller]   when-youre-engulfed2

I just finished.  Observations on life, relationships and the mudane written as only Sedaris can.  Funny, relevant, insightful, clever…but not for the faint of heart.  He is blunt and not out to keep from offending anyone.

DISCLAIMER:  I am not recomending these books — they’re simply ones I’m reading.  You’ll notice four out of the five do not fit into the “pop Christian”  book genre.  FYI – I read a very limited number of those.  For one, there is a lot of good writing out there and to limit myself to only “Christian” books has absolutely no appeal.  Two, I’m interested in and really want to know and understand what our culture at-large is reading and thinking.

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  1. November 25, 2008 at 8:40 pm

    I find Sedaris hilarious. I really like when he performs his own stuff, as he has a great voice for it, and since he wrote it, he gets all the inflections perfect… I have an audiobook of him reading his book “Dress for family in Denim and Corduroy”… Excellent!

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