love technology?

Current research gives new meaning to the idea of loving technology. A study published today out of San Francisco seems to have uncovered something weird. The research group StudyLogic interviewed 6500 business travelers and found 35% said they would choose a PDA or Blackberry over their spouses. No…this is not a misprint. Most of those surveyed, 62%, said they loved their devices and believed that they made their lives more productive.
Many psychologists are concerned about [as well we all should be] this growing addiction to cellphones, internet, etc. Some are calling for it to be labeled a clinical disorder. Why? For more and more people today, their relationship is with the computer. It becomes a significant other to them. They exhaust emotions that they could experience in the real world on the computer through any number of mechanisms: emailing, gaming, porn.

Is this where technology is taking us – the love of man for machine? If it weren’t so sad – this would be funny.

3 Responses to “love technology?”

  1. 1 Larry Eisner
    September 18, 2008 at 4:20 pm

    I write this after just checking the prices on high-end computer rigs… (shrugs)

    But, that aside, I’ve noticed this even more with iPhone users as well. Perhaps it’s too early for that same study to be done with them, but man… it’s like a “badge of honor” for these people to whip that sucker out, start showing off how you can touch it all over, do all sorts of admittedly, very cool stuff… But again, it’s like a cultural statement, rather than a necessity for most of these people. Often, it’s not even a “useful for my job” kind of thing, it’s simply a status symbol.

    That’s kind of lame…

    But, sadly, I can understand this one, to an extent. Mind you, I love my wife more than I could ever care about a bundle of wires and plastic, but I can see how people can get attached to devices they use regularly. But I cannot believe that some people would really say that they are more attracted to stuff than people…

  2. 2 Christy
    September 18, 2008 at 5:38 pm

    Additionally, and just as sad, I have heard of robots made to look like the human form and made specifically for human companionship. They are programmed to stroke the ego of its owner by giving compliments and even using the “I love you” phrase that would NORMALLY come from your spouse or other close human being in your life. In my humble opinion, this is just another attack from the devil on marriages. Being involved in a marriage ministry outside the church, I can tell you that satan is working hard at destroying marriages because it is something that is close to God’s heart and marriage is, second to God, the foundation of the family, the community, and ultimately our society. But knowing that God is the ultimate One in control and Most Powerful, I continue to stand with a smile and serve God thru serving marriages.

    Yours for Stronger Marriages in Christ!

  3. 3 KH
    September 19, 2008 at 12:48 pm

    FYI… The word on the street for a Blackberry is a Crackberry.

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