I can’t help it…

Ok. I have to admit what’s running through my brain…Cyclones in Myanmar. Famine warning in North Korea. Earthquakes in Illinois and now China. Hey, this is not my normal reaction to local and world news and I’m not one to get caught up in frivolous speculation but I can’t help but remember something Jesus once said…

“Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. There will be famines and earthquakes in various places. All these are the beginning of birth pains.”  -Matthew 24:7-8

Just watching, listening, thinking, remembering, wondering….

1 Response to “I can’t help it…”

  1. 1 Larry Eisner
    May 13, 2008 at 7:50 pm

    See, I’m glad you say these things. Not that you are saying “Oh Lordy, the apocalypse is at hand” or anything, but you recognize the precarious state that the world seems to be in lately, and that while these do not confirm nor do they deny any impending second coming, they remind us to always be prepared for these times. They will come unexpectedly and we should act always, as if they were right around the bend…

    I also like that you talk about this for another reason: I feel that every generation has seen its share of plagues/famines/natural distasters/et cetera, but I feel like now there is a greater concentration of these events than when I was younger.

    And I always wondered, was it simply that? Was it because I was blissfully unaware of these types of events as a younger man, or as a child? (I don’t know… I remember the 80’s when Lebanon was in trouble, or of the Tiennemen (sp?) Square incidents in the early 90s… (was that the 90s?)

    So, perhaps that I wasn’t aware was not true. But also, I think in today’s age, the news is so fleet-footed, so immediate, that we receive word of these types of tragedies soon and often. The internet grafts the world together in such a way that the world is but a click away. Which can give us more information and can also desensitize us to all that is happening, in an overwhelming way.

    So, my point in all this, is I’m very curious to see what those older and younger than I think about these types of events. The two wars in Iraq. Hurricane Katrina. The Tsunami in 2007. The current tornadoes in China. The housing bubble (and the tech bubble before that). The shootings and the countless murders that happen every day in every city around the world. The Twin Towers falling. I’m not trying to bum you or anyone else out. It simply seems like so much chaos is happening around us. But I’m still trying to decipher whether it’s always been like that, and I haven’t seen it (for technological or age reasons) or if it truly is ramping up as it seems to be…

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